Beginning with an inherent desire to design her environment Brigitte Allec followed her dream to achieve a Bachelor of Interior Design through the Architecture Faculty at the University of Manitoba completing in 1997. Called by the ocean and its mountains, Brigitte eloped to the west coast of Canada pursuing lifestyle and creative fulfilment. Through artisan level custom post and beam building in the interior of BC, extensive alpine community development in the Rocky Mountains and impressive amounts of luxury renovation design in Whistler and Victoria BC, she has begun to manifest her philosophy and exploit her gift.

Brigitte's adventure in design has focused and honed her skills most specifically in resort and luxury residential, multi-residential, and architectural signage. Designing commercial spaces for hospitality and retail business clients has not only broadened her experience but has sharpened her skills as a multi-faceted designer.

Driven by an unending flow of spacial concepts running through her mind and an enormous passion for all things designed well, Brigitte is shaping her client's environments to match their individual needs, preferences and loves. Brigitte's "dynamo" style of doing business (enhanced) by further study in Project Management at Simon Fraser University ensures her clients are getting the most from her builders, suppliers, and most importantly from herself. Working passionately in her favorite territory (the great West Coast of Canada), Brigitte has dedicated herself to the pursuit of bringing original ideas and solutions to all of her designs.